Small Business Spotlight W/ Gross Busters

Jason, The owner and operator of Gross Busters stops by and talks about his available services. Jason also highlights incorrect can cleaning and chemical usage.

Manuel Flores Daimyo BJJ

In this video podcast, Filthy Pirate Coffee owner Dan brings Manuel Flores to the studio to talk about his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy and the culture he has created within the academy. Manuel also talks about how life is a competition, and provides insight about his successful program.

Sam Nagy Shares Hope

Filthy Pirate Coffee brings in Sam Nagy who shares hope as he explains his journey from a drug addict, to a successful businessman and husband.   Recorded at Top Tunes Rocks. Produced by LTD MEDIA. 

Sean Denlinger Ep. 2 GRILL MASTER

Sean Denlinger Episode 1 Podcast


Small Business Spotlight W/ Filthy Pirate Coffee