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New Podcast “Faith Family Schools” Seeks to Chart America’s Road Back

Marana, Arizona

Leading WakeUp! Tucson voice Christopher DeSimone has launched a new podcast called “Faith Family Schools – America’s Road Back,” available now on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and YouTube. Produced by Live The Dream Media and distributed nationwide, this thought-provoking show aims to explore issues at the intersection of faith, family, and education in order to chart a positive path forward for America.

Each week, DeSimone will engage in in-depth discussions with authors, educators, political figures, and other influential guests about the core values and institutions that made America great. Topics will include the importance of embracing traditional marriage and family structures, teaching children moral values and critical thinking skills, and the vital role of faith in individual lives and throughout society.

“With ‘Faith Family Schools,’ we want to highlight what is working in America, where we have gone off track, and how we can get back on the right road by strengthening the pillars of faith, family, and education,” said DeSimone. “This show will appeal to those who believe in freedom, personal responsibility and the faith based values that shaped America.”

Listeners can expect analysis of current events and culture through the lens of traditional wisdom, along with concrete ideas for effecting positive change in homes, schools, and communities across the nation.

DeSimone brings decades of experience in education, public policy, and nonprofit work to his hosting duties. His thoughtful commentary and commanding voice will engage listeners right from the start.

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