One day, several years ago I realized a very important truth: There is no such thing as a “Motivational Speaker.“ Motivation is intrinsic. I have never been able to motivate anyone. It was during that moment that I realized that “motivation speakers” are essentially “glorified cheerleaders”. I had finally discovered that truly GREAT leaders… those who offer life-changing strategies and direction, are those with the highest level of positive IMPACT and INFLUENCE. From that moment, I pivoted my mindset from being motivational, to being INSPIRATIONAL. To encourage, and inspire!

It has become a major role in my life to inspire people to be motivated. To light a fire. Not under them, but within them. To spark a roaring flame that cannot be quenched! My aspiration in life went from attempting to speak to the masses, to being impactful in every situation in my daily life. Understand that there are numerous people, all around you. At your work, in your neighborhood, at the stores where you shop…that need the positive influence that you possess inside yourself to dramatically impact their behavior in a positive manner. Do this daily. God will take care of the rest. Go forth and do great things!

Written by: Clint Peek, President of Live The Dream Media

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